Bridge Madness 2023 – Final Four(ish)

The results are in from the Elite Eight match-ups in 2023’s Bridge Madness Tournament. The tournament features bridges or groups of bridges that are accessible to vehicles and pedestrians. From east to west, these bridges on the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers are the Highland Park Bridge, the 62nd Street or R.D. Fleming Bridge, the 40th Street or Washington’s Crossing Bridge, the 31st Street Bridge, the 16th Street or David McCullough Bridge, the Three Sisters Bridges (6th Street, 7th Street, and 9th Street), the Fort Duquesne Bridge, and the West End Bridge. From east to west, these bridges on the Monongahela River are the Homestead Greys Bridge, the Glenwood Bridge, the Hot Metal Bridges, the Birmingham Bridge, the South 10th Street Bridge, the Liberty Bridge, the Smithfield Bridge, and the Fort Pitt Bridge.

In the Allegheny and Ohio Conference

Bracket 5 was the West End Bridge (63%) vs. the Fort Duquesne Bridge (34%).

Bracket 6 was the Three Sisters Bridges (50%) vs. the 16th Street Bridge (50%).

In the Monongahela Conference

Bracket 5 was the Smithfield Bridge (79%) vs. the Fort Pitt Bridge (21%).

Bracket 4 was the Hot Metal Bridges (71%) vs. the South 10th Street Bridge (293%).

The winners in these brackets are matched up below for the Final Four. Vote for your favorite bridges below by noon on March 26, then check back on March 27 for the Championship.

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