urbantraipsing is a site of urban exploration. Posts are based on musings while wandering Pittsburgh and other cities and towns in North America and Europe. Since launching in 2012, several themes have developed. Bridge walking, which started as a summer project to launch this blog, is now an established method of exploring new places or finding a new view of a known place. While walking between bridges, or in the absence of bridges, while strolling around, public art and adaptive reuse of religious buildings will often change the direction or add a detour in a walk. Highlights from these wanderings are captured in the (mostly) annual architectural dessert masterpieces. Recently, equity in our built environments has risen to the top of several musings. This led to an ongoing time-lapse photographic series of several Pittsburgh sites and neighborhoods that are seeing major development projects after decades of disinvestment. The “Keeping an Eye On ___” series intends to document the changes to these neighborhoods and, as much as photographs of buildings can tell, see whether these changes have an equitable impact or cause more displacement.

Carolyn Ristau is a writer, urbanist, and zoning analyst. To learn more about her published work and works-in-progress, visit carolynristau.com.

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  1. Carolyn – thank you for your blog including lots of stuff on Pittsburgh bridges. I am organizing four days of urban hiking in Pittsburgh over Labor Day weekend for a group coming mainly from the NYC area and hope to do all the main pedestrian accessible bridges over the three rivers in the downtown area, plus a few others (also both inclines, some step streets and lots of other stuff). I’m mainly sorting out bridge pedestrian access from Google Earth but also other sources including your blog. I may have a question or two which if you will indulge, please contact me at the e-mail which I am providing below. I sometimes lead bridge hikes (“bridgebagging”) in NYC and surrounding areas for various local (NYC) hiking clubs should that be of interest if you find yourself in megalopolis.

  2. Loving the DinoMite Parade postings….well, loving the entire observational elements of urban traipsing.com, but seriously enjoying the parade photos

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