‘Tis the Season

…for gingerbread!

Pittsburgh’s Annual Gingerbread House Competition moved this year from the PPG Winter Garden to the City-County Building. For several years, I’ve enjoyed making the time to go down to the Winter Garden for the gingerbread houses, santas from around the world, music, and ambiance. This year, I am finding it harder to identify a time to browse the entries. I changed my mind multiple times as I remembered the new location requires passing through the metal detectors and it just didn’t seem the right time to go through that annoying and unreliable process.  In my travels through other downtown buildings, I am finding other gingerbread house displays to enjoy. Perhaps, I will get to the big competition at some point this season, but if not, I will at least have enjoyed some hassle-free displays.

BNY Mellon Building Gingerbread Houses

Omni William Penn Gingerbread Hotel

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

    • Susan, thanks for your interest in seeing my next architectural dessert masterpiece. I am long overdue to make one, but am partly stuck from lack of inspiration for what to try next. The season’s not over yet, so I still have a chance to come up with an idea and put it together.

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