In Memoriam & Bridge Collapse Update

My uncle Jon, the writer, died this week. While he was and did much more than write, our strongest connection was through words. He taught me the basics of blogging, helped me select the platform for urbantraipsing, and gave me advice and support along the way. After years of living with advanced cancer, he was physically in very poor condition. Mentally and spiritually, he remained strong and very much himself until the end. A creative, compassionate, and witty man, Uncle Jon will be much missed.

Fern Hollow Bridge collapse updates, one month later:

  • No new information has been released in the National Transportation Safety Board’s ongoing investigation into the collapse.
  • The City’s legislation to establish the Commission on Infrastructure Asset Reporting and Investment underwent several amendments last month, but appears to have reached its final version. Perhaps it will be passed and sent to the Mayor for signature soon. (City Council pending ordinance)
  • The City’s legislation to establish public reporting procedures on city infrastructure by the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure was also amended multiple times. This one appears to have caused more questions as it was also sent for a legal opinion before being passed out of committee. (City Council pending ordinance)
  • The Port Authority’s South Busway Bridge remains closed with repairs expected to take up to 3 months, though the detour due to the bridge closure is still listed as indefinite (the end date shows as December 2049). (Press release, detour details)

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7 thoughts on “In Memoriam & Bridge Collapse Update

  1. That’s a nice in memoriam; I didn’t know the roots of your entrée into blogging. Regarding Fern Hollow after one month it seems between bridge repair and war on the other side of the world it is always war to get interest. In the meantime check your brakes.

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