Utility Siloes Part 2


20180624_080041 (2)

Dismantling in progress (6/24/2018)


After continued observations, I need to modify some of my assumptions in the post Utility Siloes.  It turns out that the existence of the other utility wires attached to the poles does not prevent the old poles from being removed.  Instead, weeks after a new utility pole is installed, the remainder of the deteriorated pole is removed except for the chunk where the other wires are attached.


20180624_080058 (2)

Close-up of the dismantling (6/24/2018)

Perhaps the crew that removes poles is different than the crew that installs them.  Although, the installation team is able to lob off the top of the old pole after they transfer the wires to the new one.  Why then can’t they dismantle the rest of the pole at the same time?  And in the case of constricted locations, such as the feature of these posts, why can’t they located the new pole in the same location as the old one?


20180630_093623 (2)

Dismantling Complete (6/30/2018)



20180630_095652 (2)

View of another dismantled pole, the remaining chunk is secured to the new pole by a rope.




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