5 thoughts on “Pittsburgh DinoMite Parade 20

  1. Stealth dino in dinoflage.
    It is funny that 60 year old men like my partner can identify dinosaurs as they had sets of plastic ones as children. Good for them. I favor stegosaurus. I read The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek and was endeared to the creature. In real life, not so likely.

    • I also had a fondness for the stegosaurus as a child, but I don’t have as clear of a pinpoint for the source. It may have been related to a sympathetic response to the stegosaurus attacked by the T.Rex in Fantasia.

      • I just looked up stegosaurus. It is an herbivore but look at that wicked tusked tail!
        I think that these days such sculptures might be vandalized in Tacoma.
        I have just been to smaller town museums in Oregon in Bend and Sisters. I realized Tacoma does not have one for the city. We have a historical society and large regional history museum.
        Does Pittsburg have a historical museum?

      • We have the Carnegie Museum of Natural History which was founded by Andrew Carnegie because of the dinosaur fossil finds he funded. The full diplodocus find was a big deal – and a fullsize replica with skin stands outside the museum. Tonight, “Dippy” was dressed in some bling – yellow sunglasses and a heart pendant necklace both made of lights.

      • We also have the Heinz History Center which displays traveling exhibits from the Smithsonian and regular exhibits on sports, fashion, glass, ketchup, and pickles – among other things.

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